Cake maker game

puddingBreakfast cereal and pudding. Tasty and healthy too.

By a few click you can make a three layer cake.

DoraLet's discover the tricks of cookie baking with Dora. Very interesting adventure, better than an expedition!

orangeChocolate orange cake, have you tried yet? Very interesting combination of flavours, it's worth a try.

best chocolateAll the ingredients are here on the kitchen countertops.

CheesecakeThe secrets of making the best cheesecake, it is true that it's not as easy to make as a pancake, but it's worth the extra energy

Baking lessonsOnline cooking class straight from the kitchen, we will learn step by step how to make cookies at home

Fine Making cookies is easy peasy, let's bake three beautiful cookie baskets

Cookie Everyone loves the classic chocolate cake, but can you make it?

cupcake recipeSecret cookie baking tips, we tell you how to make the best cookies in the world.

Noone can resist freshly-baked cinnamon cookies. Let's prepare them together!

 Christmas CakeBaby Boo's kitchen always smells so good. Now she's making a strawberry cake.

cake machineClick on the vessel containing the flour. Click on the shape of the second machine. Click on the color on the 3rd machine. Click on the button for icing on the 4th machine. Click on a decoration on 5th machine. Click on the number for the candle.

bridecake bakingFirst mix the cake's indredients. Then choose a color for the cake. Later squeeze butter which you like. Finally add decorations for it!

cake-decorationDecoration the cake same as the picture!

Create a cake! Do the best, the most delicious, the most beautiful cake!create-a-cake

cake shopIt is realy a very good game. You have a cake shop, and you decide to serve the customer. If you have got a lots of many you can modernize the shop. You can buy coffe maker, cola machine, etc...

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